Kisah Kasih di Sekolah (Chrisye)

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This song was composed by Obbie Messakh. It is about “those good old school days”. It creates a sense of nostalgia and romance. For me it has a slightly different meaning. It does remind me of my trips in Indonesia where I was often approached by friendly school kids, shouting “Hello Mister!!”.

The photographs in the video are part of my personal travel-photo collection. They were taken in Sulawesi (Tanah Torajah), Malaysia (Penang), Pacitan (East-Java) and Pangandaran (West-Java).

292 comments on “Kisah Kasih di Sekolah (Chrisye)
  1. Relight.r says:

    Maaf uncle kapan ni show di Indonesia,mau la nonton live konsernya di Indonesia,mungkin aku gk tau udah pernah atau belum yang pasti aku pengen nonton langsung konsernya di Indonesia

  2. [..YouTube..] keren om..
    gokil gokil gokil dah,,
    good job ,,

  3. white angel says:

    [..YouTube..] enak suaranya :D

  4. [..YouTube..] CAN YOU MAKE THE TUTORIAL????like you make it when you play’sempurna”song

  5. ilham amba says:

    [..YouTube..] Awesome

  6. [..YouTube..] denger lagu ini , seperti kembali pada masa 80-an ^_^
    beautiful , aku bangga jadi warga indonesia ..
    amazing ..

  7. [..YouTube..] Wow Amazing (y)
    Lanjutkan bakat nya om :D

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