Kisah Kasih di Sekolah (Chrisye)

This song was composed by Obbie Messakh. It is about “those good old school days”. It creates a sense of nostalgia and romance. For me it has a slightly different meaning. It does remind me of my trips in Indonesia where I was often approached by friendly school kids, shouting “Hello Mister!!”.

The photographs in the video are part of my personal travel-photo collection. They were taken in Sulawesi (Tanah Torajah), Malaysia (Penang), Pacitan (East-Java) and Pangandaran (West-Java).

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  1. Uncle nlpeter@Netherland, you are really great in singing Indonesian Songs. I was admired when your fingers playing strings of guitar.
    Please keep continue to play guitar and sing Indonesian Songs. Hopefully, in the near future, you have no objection to sing another nice Indonesian Song i.e. C.I.N.T.A-d’Bagindas and of course during singing you are taken by a video too. See you on CINTA-d’bagindas.

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  3. J’adore cette chanson qui m’a été envoyée par des amis indonésiens vivant aux USA et qui me ramène 25 ans en arrière lorsque le soir dans le camp de Galang, nous nous retrouvions venus des quatre coins de la planète pour soutenir les réfugiés et que nous chantions des chansons indonésiennes… Merci de faire voyager cette musique et d’en faire partager la beauté. Je garde pour ce pays et mes amis indonésiens une affection profonde 😀 .

  4. Oldies mister, tetapi bener2 membawa pesan yang sampai saat ini masih berlaku…apik tenan mister…lanjutkan mister…makasih juga mister udah cinta ama indonesia 😀

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