Dutch girls singing Desaku

Desaku yang kucinta, my beloved village ….. Many people in Indonesia grew up with this lovely children’s song. In this video you can watch Lucie and our lovely nieces Merle and Iris singing Desaku in the Dutch countryside. We were amazed how quickly they learned this song in a foreign language that was completely unknown to them.

To most people in Indonesia this song will surely bring back a lot of nice childhood memories. It reminds them of the place where they played as a young kid, where they felt happy, where time seemed to be endless, always being surrounded by the love of their family and friends. A place they have never forgotten and always will have a special place in their hearts.

It was a lot of fun for us to work together with Merle and Iris. Thanks a lot girls, terima kasih 🙂

Special thanks go to Lucie for her very large contribution to this video.

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  1. hallo? 2 gadis kecil yang saya cintai dan sangat gagum sekali,karena kalian berdua ternyata sangat mencintai lagu indonesia,dan kami orang indonesia pasti bangga sekali melihat kalian berdua bernyanyi,air mataku menetes saat melihat kalian bernyayi,saya mulai teringat kembali desaku yang saya cintai di hatiku dengan tulus dan iklas. semoga kalian terus kembangkan bakat dan hobinya itu. terus nyayikan lagu indonesia ya? indonesia mencintai dan menyanyangi kalian semua! i / we love you !!

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  3. OMG..jadi malu jadi org Indo…anak-anak sekarang mana ada lagi yang tahu lagu ini…

    good job mr.peter…u have lovely daughter…

    God Bless You and Your Family…..

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