Sendiri Lagi (Chrisye)

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In the beginning of 2007 the Indonesian singer Chrisye has passed away. This was actually the first time I heared about him. I decided to listen to his music and discovered that he has written many songs and produced a lot of albums. He was a legend in the Indonesian music scene. I like many of his songs, they have beautiful melodies and warm sounds. In Sendiri Lagi I play guitar, piano, strings and sing all background vocals as well. To download this version click the small disc icon at the right of the title of this post.. Enjoy ……

The youtube video below is a live version, with just a guitar and some unusual surprises.

369 comments on “Sendiri Lagi (Chrisye)
  1. Unyu 210190 says:

    [..YouTube..] you sing this song so great :) i made some same cover to, you are so awesome (Y)

  2. [..YouTube..] indonesia cool
    musik ispirasiku

  3. Indonesia says:

    [..YouTube..] Your wife is funny

  4. Ipoy Bk says:

    [..YouTube..] hehehe…. so Funy n so sweet sir,…
    i very very like your voise

  5. [..YouTube..] VERY NICE MR. PETER !!

  6. [..YouTube..] salam dari Indonesia

  7. ali harman says:

    [..YouTube..] Salut… selera musik Indonesia anda cukup bagus. Sebahagian besar
    lagu-lagu Indonesia yang anda nyanyikan memiliki nuansa tersendiri dan
    bersifat abadi seperti lagu Desaku, lagu-lagu Chrisye, Ebiet G Ade, Kla
    Project, Dewa 19, D’Masiv dsb. Sepertinya kita mempunyai kesamaan selera
    musik tapi ada perbedaannya…. anda bisa main gitar tapi saya tidak bisa

  8. JOHNNY YOUNG says:

    [..YouTube..] Ouw…so sweet. You have a nice wife and i very enjoy your song. You wife
    made me smile along the video :)

  9. Abby zhunnda says:

    [..YouTube..] WOOOOWW BAGUUUS

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