Sendiri Lagi (Chrisye)

In the beginning of 2007 the Indonesian singer Chrisye has passed away. This was actually the first time I heared about him. I decided to listen to his music and discovered that he has written many songs and produced a lot of albums. He was a legend in the Indonesian music scene. I like many of his songs, they have beautiful melodies and warm sounds.

The youtube video below is a live version, with just a guitar and some unusual surprises.

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  1. I like that girl, guess must be your girlfriend. She makes the video looks more alive. with those flower, the song looks more romantic.

    Salam kenal. Nama saya Dennis, Saya berasal dari Surabaya city.


  2. i’m malaysian….coming from borneo…hopfuly can you sing IBAN song…..most guess really look forward to c the video….. 😆 😆 😆

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  4. Peter, Anda orang Belanda yang luar biasa dan dapat menjadi inspirasi bagi kami orang Indonesia agar tetap mencintai Indonesia. Kalau Tuhan memberi kesempatan saya untuk pergi ke Belanda, saya akan singgah ke rumah Anda. Atau sebaliknya, kalau Anda pergi ke Indonesia dan menyempatkan diri pergi ke Bogor, silakan hubungi saya. Saya akan ajak Anda menginap di rumah sederhana saya dan merasakan kehidupan masyarakat di sekitar tempat tinggal saya.

  5. Dear Peter!

    I love your voice and I admire your performance!

    I would like to know the meaning of the lyrics of this song Sendiri lagi .
    Could you perhaps send me a short translation?

    Thank you very much
    Many Regards from

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    @robinson: On this page you can listen to the version of Sendiri Lagi where I play piano and guitar. Just click on the player or the download link above the video.

  7. I like your piano version peter, could you play it again like in seputar Indonesia.. your voice and the piano seem pure and beautiful.
    honestly, although I’ve heard this song but I never notice it as a beautiful song until I see you play it in seputar indonesia.
    thanks and bravo

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  9. hope that u can sing malaysian song…cause there is only a bit different between malaysia and indonesia languages….i really look forward to c the video…

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  11. i want request a song can you play it…..:andra and backbone-main hati.chrisye-cinta..thats it..thanks mr.peter…i will waiting…
    .. 😀

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