Ruang Rindu (Letto)

I heared this song for the first time during a visit to Indonesian friends in Wageningen (a Dutch town). One of them, Wiedy, shown in the picture on the left had the song on a mobile phone. On the way back the song stayed around in my head. At home I listened to it again, and soon I found myself sitting behind my piano. Recording the piano and the vocals went pretty quick. Most time I spent on the guitar solos.

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  1. Yuhuu, suara mazPeter emang bagus, logat indo saat nyanyi juga mantab,. kemaren ku juga sudah download video.3gp ”ruang rindu”

    Tapi kalo downloadnya via ponsel gak bisa langsung di youtube, tapi melalui search di

    Semoga selalu sukses, mazPeter

  2. good job bro! sudahlah… Anda bikin album lagu-lagu popular indonesia saja! pasti laku keras! may i share it to another friend?

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