Rinduku (Iwan Fals)

Rinduku was the first song I ever heard of Iwan Fals. I know it from one of my CD’s, Demi Nama Cinta, a collection of love songs. I created my audio cover version of this song in 2007. From now on you can watch it on video too.

The photo of Iwan Fals and me was made backstage at a live concert of Peterpan, where Iwan Fals gave a short performance. Read more about it at Backstage at a concert of Peterpan

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  2. peter, asyiiik banget. sebagai salah satu penggemar berat iwan fals yang sedang belajar di enschede, saya sangat bangga dengan anda. salute n maju terus.

  3. Oom….aku salah satu penggemar Iwan Fals. Dan aku bangga banget denger lagu ini oom nyanyiin. Tobh oom…..
    Terimakasih dan sukses selalu yah, oom….
    Kalo ktemu bang Iwan lagi, titip salam kangen dari aku yah…

  4. …..NL.Peter….saya senang sekali dengarnya….dibawakan dgn segenap perasaan ya?…..sukses utk Peter….dgn lagu2 Indonesia selanjutnya….boleh juga klo ada lagu2 daerahnya. salam 😀

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    @Hatta0210: Thanks for sharing your story, I am glad to be helpful this way. I just added a photo of me and Iwan Fals to this post. I met him in october 2008.

  6. Well done, Meneer
    I am one of the million peoples who love Iwan Fals’s song.
    I was collect all Iwan’s casette while I was a student at Yogya.
    I passed my degree then I lived at Banda Aceh.
    After tzunami disaster in 2004 I lost all my casette.
    Now I am living at Austin, Texas. Your website is very helpful to remain me about all my memory while I lived at Yogya.
    Thanks you very much, I preciated it

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