Kau Auraku (Ada Band)

This song is from the album Heaven of Love. I bought a lot of CDs in november 2006 in Makassar. The other CD of the Ada Band that I have is Romantic Rhapsody. Very good as well, although Heaven of Love is number one to me. I started the recording of Kau Auraku with acoustic guitar only, but I decided to add a bass line to give it some more rhythm. Finally I added an electric guitar track as well ……

This recording is no longer available 🙁

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  5. uh….very good,,ilike your plying indonesian music better than more good good good….can you give me tutorial guitar potret song mungkin??

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  7. I started to listen to indo songs when i was 14 years old
    and just like you, the first album I ever bought is Heaven of Love
    the songs are so great, and your version is not worse
    your voice is so relaxing and really great
    perhaps Setingginya Nirwana from Romantic Rhapsody suits you the best :]

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