Kangen (Dewa 19)

I recorded this song because of a request in my guestbook. I did not know the song before. It has become a big project. I added 1 acoustic guitar track, 3 electric guitar tracks, and 2 keyboard tracks. So I am a one man rockband (without bass and drums). I really like to play the guitar solos. The singing…. wow, those Dewa guys they sing very high …..

Below you can watch the one man rockband…..

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  2. hai peter u re cool bro

    boleh kan peter mainkan lagu ada band kerana wanita ingin dimengerti

    dan padi smenanti sebuah jawabaN???

    pliss bro

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    @Randy Thanks πŸ™‚ Yes there are many people from Maluku here. I think some of them still feel very attached to Maluku and others don’t. It depends a lot on their personal situation and life.

  5. two thumbs up om Peter… my appreciation 4 for you

    so proud to know that there are people that’s not Indonesian want to sing Indonesian song. Actually, I have several relative that migrate to netherland… we are mollucas people, but sadly, they dont even consider that they were Indonesian before they move to holland.

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