Bengawan Solo (Gesang Martohartono)

There was a request for kroncong music in my guestbook, so I decided to record Bengawan Solo. It is a very famous song. You can find more information about the song here (English) or here (Bahasa Indonesia). The lead vocal is by my girl friend Lucie.

This song is no longer available 🙁

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  2. hai, peter.. saya orang indonesia. saya tertarik dengan lagu – lagu anda. terima kasih telah mempromosikan lagu – lagu dari negara saya….


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  4. Wow Peter and Lucie you doa very good job this so… so Awesome !!! I love it Thank you so much for singing “Bengawan Solo ” it’s my favorite song from my hometown , betul-betul bagus dan keren !! 🙂

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  8. Wah, kok belum ada yang isi komentar disini? By the way, this song is a masterpiece of Gesang…. the other one is jembatan merah (describe the situation of jembatan merah in surabaya)

    Gesang is the real artist….

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