Anggrek Bulan (Chrisye & Sophia Latjuba)

The song Anggrek Bulan was composed by A. Riyanto in the 1970s, and has already been performed by many Indonesian artists. My cover is based on the version by Chrisye, released on his album Dekade (2004). This album is a tribute to the history of Indonesian pop music. Chrisye sings the duet together with Sophia Latjuba. I like this version of the song very much, because of the beautiful combination of the vocals, the brilliant arrangement by Erwin Gutawa and the laid back overall atmosphere.

My recording contains acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, electronic drums, strings, Rhodes piano and vibraphone. As you can see on the video clip I play all instruments myself, some of them obviously on my keyboard. The female singer is my girlfriend Lucie, who composed the video as well.

We have recorded this video in early spring on our favorite spot. Each season has its beauty, but early spring is truly wonderful. Young, delicate leaves with beautiful colors open up and dance like little lanterns in the wind. The sun twinkles through all this young green beauty. Breathtakingly beautiful.

As the song says ……. “Hari bahagia datang menanti (happy days will come)”

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  1. Bravoooo terimakasih banyaaaak ya mas dan mbak bule,lagu ini sangat berkesaaan buat ku,mengingatkan saat almarhumah ibuku masih hidup bbeliau sering mendendangkan lagu ini ,ayo nyani lagu indonesia lagi yang buanyaaak yaaa

  2. Dear Peter & Lucie,

    Wow, what a wonderfully sweet creation you have both created! I truly enjoyed the video, I couldn’t help giggling a little bit. ;-D Missing you both!


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