Ada Cinta (Acha Septriasa and Irwansyah)

It is more than a year ago that I heared the song Ada Cinta (by Acha Septriasa and Irwansyah) for the first time. I immediately liked the vocals and the beautiful guitar combined with the orchestra. At that time I didn’t seriously plan to make a cover of the song, but I tried to learn the guitar. I like this classical style of playing, and I started playing along with the song. Than, a few months ago, I got in touch with Ella Meilianda. Ella is from Banda Aceh and lives in Enschede in the Netherlands now, and her voice appeared to be the perfect match for this song.

We made plans to record the song together, resulting in this video and an mp3 that you can download here. We had a nice time while practising and recording. If you watch the video until the end you will know what I mean ………

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  1. Bagus sekali!! Ella suaranya merdu dan tenaaaang..alunan gitar Peter maut! semoga kalian lebih banyak mengeluarkan duet ya, sukses selalu! semoga lagu-lagu Indonesia berjaya!!

  2. Dear Great Job and success


    Dear Meilisa..suaranya bagus bgt, gak kalah sama penyanyi aslinya..sukses selalu ya.:-) 🙂

  3. Post

    @Johan Mohammad: A cousin of Ella …. nice to meet you. And a musician as well…. Thanks for your comment and request, I will listen to the song

  4. Dear.. Peter..

    My name is Johan Mohammad
    I play music with band here in Bogor – Bandung / Indonesia..
    I also cousin of Ella Melianda..

    I see your work.. re-composing indonesian song..
    well done.. it`s a great job..

    Try to re-compose song “Negeri di Awan” from Katon Bagaskara
    its a beautiful song

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  6. hy, im your friend from indonesia…
    so happy knowing you love indonesian song..^^
    ok, success…:) 😀 😀 🙂

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