Trip to Asia 2012

In March and April 2012 I have made a 3 week trip to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta.There were so many highlights during this trip. My main goal was to visit the concert Chrisye, Kidung Abadi in Jakarta. Other highlights were my own performance at Jakarta International School, a live interview for Cosmopolitan FM Radio, and the book launch of the book Chrisye kesan di mata media, sahabat dan fans. In Kuala Lumpur I watched Sheila Majid performing live on Merdeka Square. It was a great trip!!

The Kidung Abadi concert was a brilliant experience, that I will never forget. After arrival in Jakarta I was soooo lucky to be invited to a rehearsal for this concert. It was overwhelming to watch and hear the Erwin Gutawa Orchestra from so nearby. It was a great opportunity to listen to the golden voice of Gita Gutawa, singing one of my favorite Chrisye songs (Baju Pengantin). And, not to forget, the swinging Vina Panduwinata, and the rock performance of Gigi.

Below you can watch the video documentary Kidung Abadi, behind the scenes, by Metro TV. It includes scenes recorded at the rehearsal. If you look very well, you can see me in the audience of the rehearsal, from 3:46 to 3:50 🙂

The documentary Kidung Abadi, behind the scenes, by Metro TV:

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