Om Telolet Om

Fun App: Om Telolet Om

I have surprising news: I made an app for iPhone. I am an app developer, and I could not resist the temptation to develop a small and (hopefully) funny app about “Om Telolet Om”.

Download Om Telolet Om App

“Om telolet om” mendunia! Dapatkan sekarang di App Store! Aplikasi ini dibuat di Belanda. Saya sangat gembira fenomena “Om telolet om” telah menjadi hit di internet dan dikenal di dunia mancanegara. Saya berharap anda bersenang-senang dengan aplikasi ini. Salam dari Belanda!

“Om telolet om” is an expression from Indonesia. It went viral recently causing a worldwide internet hype. So what does it mean? Indonesian youngsters, standing in small groups along the road, happily jump and shout when a bus passes by. They hold a sign and call out to the driver “Om telolet om!”, loosely translated to “Uncle honk uncle!”

Getting curious? Experience it for yourself with this app!

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