Musician United

Musician United

Do you know Musician United? If you love Indonesian music and culture you should definitely check it out. I had the honour to contribute to their latest clip, as you can watch in this post. It was a great pleasure 🙂

Musician United is an enthusiastic group of young Indonesian music lovers. They feel that the traditional music of their country is under pressure due to the popularity of foreign music and culture. Therefore they have started to promote Indonesian music and culture. And they are doing a great job!

Wanna know how? Check their videos, you will love it, just like I do.

They collaborate remotely, sharing audio and video files that are mixed and edited into very nice clips. These clips truly reflect the beauty and diversity of Indonesia and its people. And guess what? I was invited to join them in their latest clip, as you can see below. So, take a good look and enjoy the unity in diversity of Indonesia 🙂

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