Backstage at a concert of Peter Pan

In Jakarta I was invited to visit the concert of Peter Pan on 19th of october in Ancol, Jakarta. And not just visit……. I could go backstage, and there would be an opportunity to meet up with the musicians. So I went there early evening, accompanied by Sandy from Delta FM radio. Upon arrival it was immediately clear that this was a large event: a huge open area, spotlights, camera’s, the crowd slowly moving in while the band was still doing soundcheck. The entire show would be broadcasted live on RCTI tv.

From my position at the side of the stage I had a good view of everything that was going on: The musicians doing their soundcheck, sound technicians, TV-crew, makeup-crew, personal managers of the artists, all doing their jobs in preparation of the live broadcast. Apart from Peter Pan there were other musicians as well, like Iwan Fals and the lead singers of Nidji and Ungu.

Directly after the soundcheck the musicians went to a press conference, but in between there was a short opportunity for me to talk with Iwan Fals. And seconds before the concert the manager of Peter Pan arranged that a picture of me and Ariel was taken.

The concert was spectacular. A great show, the beat of the music, the light, fireworks, excitement and ….. energy!! I truly admire the intensity of the performance in this tropical heat, the musicians gave everything they could, and from the side of the stage I could clearly see that the crowd appreciated it a lot as well.

It was a great privilege that I had the opportunity to witness this event from nearby. My next Indonesian cover will be a Peter Pan song of course …… so don’t forget to subscribe to my blog in case you haven’t already done so.

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  2. Peter, may i request to you to sing Iwan Fals’s song “ijinkan Aku Menyayangimu”

    and this great song “Berita kepada kawan”, from Ebiet G. Ade..
    I hope you’ll like this song..

    I’m waiting for your next videos..

    Good Luck

    God Bless You

  3. Peter..

    Two thumbs up for you..

    i’m sorry if my English is terrible..

    your indonesian is good,.

    as Indonesian, i must say thank you to you, because you like our song (Indonesian’s song)..

    Terima kasih Peter…

    God Bless You

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    @mustika: I just go on recording songs like I always do here in Holland, and sometimes I will visit Indonesia. And about a music career in Indonesia ……… who knows?

  5. what is your further project? I mean about your Indonesian songs you wanna start a career in my country as a singer? 😉 or stay in your country and record more songs?….Whatever you do, I do appreciate your job Peter

    Regards… 😀

    Mustika—Central Java, Indonesia

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  7. Aluww peter… 😀
    i can see your performance in your youtube..
    I like your indonesian song.. 🙂
    do u like indonesian song..??
    i’m from indonesian
    nice 2 meet u..

    Best Regards,


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  10. Peter and Peterpan, what a great combination.
    It would be great if someday they feature you as their guest performance.

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