Live performance on Friday the 18th of September

I will give a live performance on Friday the 18th of September on an Indonesian Evening, organized by PPI Enschede. You can find the details at the PPIE website. The evening starts at 18:00, and my performance will be from 18:15 till 18:30. I will play some Indonesian songs that I did not yet publish on the Internet.

Entrance to the event is free. Hope to see you there!!

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  2. hi peter,

    wow i am a new visitor here, and sudenly become a fan of you. I knew this website via your youtube videos. awesome, u inspire me so much so i am now proud of my country more. oh i am an indonesian of course ^^

    anyway peter, would you please let me know how do you record your videos? what kind/type camera you are using? do you need special tools to record the sound? I am interested to record my version as well, and definitely need to learn from you a lot.

    *bookmarking this website.

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