Live in Enschede: video’s

On the 14th of march I gave a live performance on the Borneo Identity Event in Enschede. This was my first live concert in the Netherlands with Indonesian songs. The audience consisted for a large part of Indonesians. Two friendly gentlemen from the Indonesian Embassy had come all the way from Den Haag to Enschede to enjoy the shows and performances, and to express their support for this cultural event. I played four songs, which were clearly recognized by the inspiring audience. I have posted a number of photos and two videos of the concert. It was a very pleasant afternoon for me, it felt like being in Indonesia. I would like to thank the PPI Enschede for inviting me. The University Magazine UT Nieuws has published an article about me (in English)

Below are the videos. I also played 2 songs of Chrisye: Kisah Kasih di Sekolah and Sendiri Lagi. Unfortunately I have no video recordings of those songs.

Sempurna, Andra and the Backbone

Semua Tentang Kita, Peter Pan

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  2. halo peter, I just found your web accidentally….
    I really respect to you…keep going… 🙂
    God bless you and Netherlands..!!!

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  4. nice to meet you
    i’am very inspirate from your performance for sing indonesian song
    i really admire you,you are dutch man but you like to sing indonesian song.
    keep your performance, two thumbs up for you
    best regrads, rosi ch
    (sorry if my english it’s bad)

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