Baju Pengantin (Chrisye)

Baju Pengantin is one of my most favourite Indonesian pop songs. I am publishing this cover in memory of Chrisye, who passed away exactly 9 years ago on 30th of March 2007. In this cover I play piano and lead guitar, as well as harp and strings (both on keyboard). I have recorded the video scenes on the background with …

Harmony, Padi

Harmony (Padi)

Harmony is a beautiful song by the Indonesian band Padi. It was released in 2007. My cover version of this song is a bit different from the original version. I have added a moderate drum beat. Special thanks to those of you who requested this song.

Harus Terpisah (Cakra Khan)

Harus Terpisah is a very popular Indonesian song, originally performed by Cakra Khan in 2012. Here’s my acoustic cover version, recorded on a sunny spring afternoon in my studio in The Netherlands (Belanda). It was a great pleasure to create the guitar arrangement and to practice the vocals. I hope you will like the result.

Elegi Esok Pagi (Ebiet G Ade)

I have received many requests to cover a song of Ebiet G Ade. He is among the greatest of Indonesian musicians, and I am very happy to sing and play the beautiful song Elegi Esok Pagi. My inspiration was taken from a live version of this song on YouTube. In that video Ebiet G Ade performs together with Adera.

Janji Suci (Yovie dan Nuno)

I received many requests to cover this song via Kaskus, a popular Indonesian forum. If you are in a romantic mood you should definitely watch the video. And if you are not in a romantic mood you should probably watch it too 🙂


Recorded in Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, Greece. My self composed song Hatiku (My Heart) takes you on a musical journey crossing countries and cultures. I have been inspired by stories of people I met in Holland, Indonesia and other parts of the world. People who do not live in their homeland anymore, people who have left, to build a new life …

Keep Your Head Up (Jakarta banjir)

Jakarta is going through difficult times with the floods in the city. Yesterday morning I saw the pictures of the banjir (floods) in the news and on the Internet. This has inspired me to compose and record a song in support of the city that I have visited so many times. The song is in English with Indonesian subtitles. I …

Separuh Aku (Noah)

Here’s my acoustic version of Separuh Aku by Noah. This band (formerly known as Peterpan) is very popular in Indonesia. The original version of Separuh Aku is quite heavy. I have turned it into a mellow, ballad-style song. Enjoy my version, and don’t forget to share the video with your friends on Facebook or Twitter or elsewhere.

Yogyakarta, KLA Project

I have received a lot of requests for a cover of the song Yogyakarta by KLA project. And now I am happy to present it to you 🙂 . I made an arrangement of the song with lead vocal, 2 guitars and a modest backing track with shakers and strings. I also sing the three backing vocals. The photographs in …

In memory of Chrisye

In memory of Chrisye, 5 years after he passed away: my cover version of “Telah Pergi Sahabat Tercinta” composed by Dian Pramana Putra and Deddy Dhukun. You can read all information about this video here

Demi waktu (Ungu)

Demi waktu is the hit single from the album Melayang, released by Ungu in december 2005. I heard this song for the first time in Makassar, Sulawesi, 2006. It was very well played by a cover band in the outside area of a hotel, a terrace, partially built above the sea. I still remember the tropical sea breeze and the …

Lagu Rindu (Kerispatih)

This is a very romantic song, Lagu Rindu, released by the Indonesian band Kerispatih in 2005. I have recorded this song entirely live, using 2 camera’s. The piano is a Yamaha CP5.

Anggrek Bulan (Chrisye & Sophia Latjuba)

The song Anggrek Bulan was composed by A. Riyanto in the 1970s, and has already been performed by many Indonesian artists. My cover is based on the version by Chrisye, released on his album Dekade (2004). This album is a tribute to the history of Indonesian pop music. Chrisye sings the duet together with Sophia Latjuba. I like this version …

Rinduku (Iwan Fals)

Rinduku was the first song I ever heard of Iwan Fals. I know it from one of my CD’s, Demi Nama Cinta, a collection of love songs. I created my audio cover version of this song in 2007. From now on you can watch it on video too. The photo of Iwan Fals and me was made backstage at a …