Yang Terbaik Bagimu (Ada Band)

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I like this song because of its beautiful melody. I wanted to have a warm guitar sound, so I experimented a lot with microphone positions and different recording locations. Finally I ended up recording the guitar in the bathroom. The strings I played on a Roland D50 synthesizer.

The video was recorded in the living room of my house.

476 comments on “Yang Terbaik Bagimu (Ada Band)
  1. roma dona says:

    [..YouTube..] boleh ni , di ajarin akustiknya he he he

  2. Doni Ramdhan says:

    [..YouTube..] gokil .. you so good !!

  3. [..YouTube..] you singing so better,are you like indonesian song?

  4. alfian L says:

    [..YouTube..] I think this song better if sung by you sir.!!

  5. Febru Ary says:

    [..YouTube..] cover yang bagus, pak. tapi terlalu cepat, lebih nikmati lagunya yah. belum
    ketemu soulnya, …. #sorryKaloSayaSokTw

  6. [..YouTube..] lihay banget petikan gitar om hihi…..

  7. dazzdays says:

    [..YouTube..] Mr. Peter bila berkenan mohon dibuatkan tutorial lagu sejuta anak Indonesia
    ini yaaaaa… Minimal tablaturenya…. Makasih

  8. Titian Wahyu says:

    [..YouTube..] I proud of you Mr. nIpeter… tersentuh banget dengar Mr menyanyikan lagu
    ini ;(
    rindu ayaaah yang jauh disanaa… ;(

  9. Hergi Yanto says:

    [..YouTube..] Lagu yg menyentuh kalbu….ternyata dinyanyikan oleh org Belanda….

  10. [..YouTube..] wow, i love ur guitar skill sir..

  11. ASDJ YouMan says:

    [..YouTube..] Great..
    i just wanna ask one question to you mas peter.
    why do i always love your cover?? haha
    btw proud to be an indonesian

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