Telah Pergi (Dian PP and Deddy Dhukun)

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I released this song on 30 march 2008 in memory of Chrisye, exactly one year after he died. The title is “Telah Pergi Sahabat Tercinta”. In this song Dian Pramana Putra and Deddy Dhukun express what they felt when they heard the news about the death of their dear friend. I discovered the mp3 of the original version of the song on the internet. Soon after the publication of my video on YouTube Chrisyes daughter Risty found it.

She has contacted me, and we had frequent email exchanges. Through her, and her sister Nissa, I learned that the song that I had covered was never publicly released. It was a miraculous coincidence that I had discovered this song on the internet.

I was very happy that I got in touch with them, and that I could show them my respect and appreciation for Chrisye directly. In october 2008 I have visited Chrisyes family in Jakarta in their home. We have visited Chrisyes grave, and we have shared precious moments together, that I will never forget.

I still listen to the music of Chrisye very often. He has made a lot of albums with beautiful songs. From Chrisyes family I obtained the Chrisye Trilogi, 3 beautifully designed CD boxes, each box containing 7 CDs, recorded between 1978 and 2004. Thank you, Chrisye, for the musical beauty that you left behind …..

I wanted to sing this song together with Indonesian singers, but I didn’t know anyone. I asked some friends on Friendster, and within a few days I had 5 singers. I especially want to thank Maureen, who managed to find 3 female singers in 2 days :) The singers are Carina, Meity, Richard, Rinaldo and Wiwi.

Thank you all for joining me!

163 comments on “Telah Pergi (Dian PP and Deddy Dhukun)
  1. aya aisyah says:

    [..YouTube..] nlpeter…really amazing and touching my heart this song,thank so much for
    u love my Indonesia Country and Indonesia songs. God bless u,peace and joy

  2. Rhy boys says:

    [..YouTube..] ur my inspiration

  3. IONE BYNET says:

    [..YouTube..] I really appreciate you and admire you

  4. [..YouTube..] terimah kasih om,,,,

  5. [..YouTube..] Peter, lagu ini bagus sekali! Karangan Peter sendiri, ya?

  6. neimar arif says:

    [..YouTube..] matur suwun for nl peter,

  7. kwokcong1 says:

    [..YouTube..] ONGELOOFELIJK! je bent geweldig! Ik was een chrisye fans …. hoewel hij is gegaan, maar zijn stem bracht rust in mijn leven …

  8. motofu1 says:

    [..YouTube..] wooow,,,keren,,,mantapz,,,,

  9. Ferry says:

    I am speechless…..just got tears in my eyes…so beautiful

  10. [..YouTube..] wowww sungguh indah melody dan …senikatanya….aku juga seorang pemuzik..dimana buat pertama kali aku dengan lamu ini dan juga..sendiri lagi…ada sesuatu menghentap jiwa dan ..perasaan agar aku mendengar lagu…..rupa2nya ia ada suatu roh..ataupun …hidup dalam baris2 kata lagu dan melodynya….syabass semua kawan2…..harap kamu berkarya lagi.

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