Videos of Radio Netherlands Worldwide visiting nlpeter at home

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Reporters of Ranesi, Radio Nederland Siaran Bahasa Indonesia, recently visited me in my hometown Enschede. First they shot a video while I was singing in the streets of the city centre. At the same time Dutch people were interviewed about Indonesian pop music. You can watch this video here. Later they made a second video in my home. They filmed my studio, and I played a few songs live on the piano. One of the songs is Desaku, that I sing together with my girlfriend Lucie. Read the rest of this entry to watch the video. It also contains an interview with me in Bahasa Indonesia.

The photos below were taken during the video recording session in the city center of Enschede.

493 comments on “Videos of Radio Netherlands Worldwide visiting nlpeter at home
  1. Erlin Fatir says:

    [..YouTube..] mr.peter the best…

  2. Ayu Hilda says:

    [..YouTube..] Kereeen…

  3. [..YouTube..] keren dan bagus sekali, saya ingin berduet :)

  4. [..YouTube..] keren nih om peter,udah gitu banyak lagi lagu yang dicover sama beliau

  5. [..YouTube..] Bangsa kita jadi pintar,krena dahulu nya adalah bangsa jajahan.
    Belanda kejam,jepang jauh lebih kejam..
    Tpi yg pling kejam di era modern ini adalah jajahan produk produk china,yg
    membuat bangsa indonesia,mati angus..

  6. Shafa Aliyya says:

    [..YouTube..] Aduh keren bgt org belanda pinter bahasa indonesia suara nya bagus

  7. Shafa Aliyya says:

    [..YouTube..] Aduh keren bgt org belanda punter bahasa indonesia GOO…..

  8. [..YouTube..] KEREEEN KEREEEEN MR.

  9. pim1234 says:

    [..YouTube..] Goed !

  10. [..YouTube..] good job (y)

  11. [..YouTube..] +Mei Silviana Saputri kisah kasih di sekolah…. dinyanyikan sama bule dari
    belanda… :)

  12. [..YouTube..] Bagus…

  13. D Gunawan says:

    [..YouTube..] Danke schon Herr Peter!!!

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