Mixed photos 2006-2008

Some photos of my first musical experiences in Indonesia in Sulawesi 2006:

A meeting with friends in Wageningen, a visit to malam pop in Breda, and celebration of Hari Raya Merdeka 2008 at the Indonesian School in Den Haag.

9 comments on “Mixed photos 2006-2008
  1. Alvin DS says:

    Hello Mr.Peter, Tks for sing a indonesia song…. We so like your style….. Alvin david, A indonesia boy and admin of http://www.softwaresinfo.co.cc :mrgreen:

  2. nur hasanah says:

    thank u peter

  3. nur hasanah says:

    thanks peter….

  4. Aslob ! says:

    Hai peter i like ur video … why if u take a video u dont look at camera ?? are u look a text .. lol

  5. tamkrewel says:

    kami….orang indonesia senang sekali ada orang yang menghargai karya kami (orang indonesia)apa lgi setelah tau yang suka adlah bule………hahahahaha…..hahahahhaha sukses & sehat selalu buat mr.nlpeter & terima kasih atas ucapan kemerdekan nya untuk indonesia. :D :D :D :D :D :D

  6. nlpeter says:

    @maikel: Thanks for letting me now. Tomohon is a nice place, and especially for bule :-) because it is not so hot there 8)

  7. maikel says:

    hello peter…. tomohon is my village…. I was born in rumah sakit gunung maria (Mariaheuvel Ziekenhuis)…. thank for these pics…. :-)

  8. Fajar says:


    Hari raya merdeka ??

    I think your writes false peter…

    If you write celebrtion you don’t have to write hari raya..
    Because in indonesia celebration is hari raya..

  9. ruddy_torres says:

    saya merasa tersanjung ada orang Belanda yang suka lagu-lagu indonesia.
    apa nenek moyangmu pernah jadi tentara VOC yang dikirim ke indonesia??? :?:

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